Training for Trainers,
2 module, August 25 - 30, 2019,
Italy, Milan

Who are they: coaches, business coaches, NLP trainers?

What do they have to know and, most importantly – whom should they be?
Where can you learn to be one?

You know that at least half of the benefits of learning is not in the information that you got from the trainer (we all know how to read), but in the trainer him or herself.

Trainer is the person who understands that importance is not in what he says but in what kind
changes occur in minds of participants.

This is the person who is able to see these changes, helping participants in finding their own discoveries. He is not just a presenter of some material to a group, but the one who creates the path of research, invention and discovery for his participants. This is when a person perceives information at best, finding answers to their questions themselves.

Who can benefit from the training program
  • NLP trainers and business trainers, who want to create exclusive training programs
  • teachers, who want to learn the best selection of applied NLP to have more personal and professional satisfaction in teaching
  • people, who want to empower their public communication and group communication for better results
  • people who want to distinguish themselves as certified NLP Trainers gaining a real competitive advantage in the market
  • anyone interested in learning the trainer's "toolbox" to create unique learning experiences
There are NO special prerequisites for people who want to attend this seminar
(with the exception of participants who want to become Certified NLP Trainers )

Program trainers

Frank Pucelik (NLP co-founder, world's well known business-trainer) has prepared a unique program for you. Frank's experience and charisma, his ability to work with the group, sparking interest, will give you an excellent model of the trainer who sets the tonality for the entire training. You will see metaphors in a training, work with beliefs and techniques of NLP at the highest level.
Andrea Frausin, business trainer and international coach. Having obtained a Master's degree in Economics and a Master's degree in Psychology, he is one of the few NLP Trainers in the world to be accredited by all the three NLP co-founders.

Double effectiveness of the training

The course will be focused on the training delivery with real life examples by trainers on the field; the following themes will be touched in synthesis:
  • how to understand participants' needs
  • how to structure an effective presentation
  • how to design a training (hints)
For NLP Master Practitioners, the following themes will be explored:
  • trainer state and feedback process for continuous development
  • how to develop rapport with an audience
  • how to facilitate the learning process involving conscious and unconscious processes
  • classic format of NLP presentations (demonstration, discussion, exercise and feedback)
  • foundations of effective demonstrations with NLP
  • foundations of designing exercises to teach NLP
  • how to give effective presentations about Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • how to use selected NLP patterns and skills in public presentations and in courses
  • foundations of delivering an NLP course
Where and when the training program will take place

The training program will be located in Milan (Italy) and developed in three modules: the first module lasts 4 days, the second - 6 days, the third - 3 days.
First module (1st edition - confirmed for English speaking participants) : from the 20th to the 23rd of June 2019
First module (2nd edition- only with an adequate number of requests from English speaking participants ) : from the 21th to the 24th of August 2019.
Second module: from the 25th to the 30th of August 2019.
Third module: from the 25th to the 27th of October 2019.

After the training participants will receive a certificate of "META International" (recognized by the international Associations of NLP
For additional information or registration you can contact us

Phone (Ukraine): +38 (050) 390 44 00