Master Practitioner of NLP,
October 11-14, 2018,
Italy, Milan
Expanding of your boundaries and modeling of personal success
on the training by Frank Pucelik "Master Practitioner of NLP"

We won't assure you that after training you will become a world size specialist in your sphere of activity. Most likely, it will not happen. But you will significantly improve your results. And we strongly guarantee that to you.

Learn how the co-founder of NLP thinks, the master of coaching and psychotherapy
with work experience more than 45 years!

It is believed that the best and the main models of NLP have been created by the very first team, who developed neuro-linguistic programming about 40 years ago. Everything that was created later was based on the same models.
Therefore, on the training by Frank Pucelik you:
  • get the original tools and skills, not their "copies";
  • learn from a person who is himself an ideal object for modeling;
  • easily apply every learned skills at the training, because learning from Frank Pucelik is aimed at the maximum simplicity of performance and productivity;
  • you will not just really expand your inner boundaries: your perception of the world, patterns of your behavior, your habits, your values, skills, and abilities. You will learn how to independently resolve any questions and find the ways to achieve your goals;

Program trainers

Frank Pucelik (NLP co-founder, world's well known business-trainer) has prepared a unique program for you. Frank's experience and charisma, his ability to work with the group, sparking interest, will give you an excellent model of the trainer who sets the tonality for the entire training. You will see metaphors in a training, work with beliefs and techniques of NLP at the highest level.
Andrea Frausin is a business trainer and international coach since 1997, specialist in performance and individual and organizational behavior. Having obtained a Master's degree in Economics and a Master's degree in Psychology, he is one of the few NLP Trainers in the world to be accredited by all the three NLP co-founders.

Where and when the training program will take place

The training program will be located in Milan (Italy) and developed in two parts: 8 training days in classroom + 4 days of intellectual insight online ( via web platform and through recommended additions).
First classroom part; from 20th to 23th of September 2018.
Second classroom part: from 11th to 14th of October 2018.

After the training participants will receive a certificate of "META International" (recognized by the international Associations of NLP).

For additional information or registration you can contact us
by phone (Ukraine)
+38 (050) 390 44 00
or e-mail: